SMART-Control at the 48th IAH Congress in Brussel, Belgium

Project partners Konstantinos Panagiotou (University of Cyprus) and Catalin Stefan (Technische Universität Dresden) attending the 48th IAH Congress in Brussels, Belgium, from 6-10 September 2021

Between 6-10 September 2021, the year after the 2020 COVID pandemic, the 48th Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists was finally organised on-site in Brussel, Belgium. In addition to interesting conversations with other participants, the results of the SMART-Control project have been successfully presented in various presentations and posters:

  • Implementation of a new framework for real-time monitoring and modelling of subsurface processes at a pilot managed aquifer recharge site in Pirna, Germany
  • Results and relevance of stakeholder trainings on reducing the risks associated with managed aquifer recharge (MAR)
  • Quantitative microbial risk analysis (QMRA) for setting health-based performance targets during soil-aquifer treatment: application to the Ezousa site in Cyprus
  • Numerical modelling of the Ezousa MAR Site In Cyprus using a web‐based approach