Managed aquifer recharge

Enhancing groundwater recharge by storing surplus water in the subsurface in times of high availability followed by recovery in times of high demand represents a low cost technology that increases the resilience of water supply infrastructures to extreme hydro-climatic events. This technique, referred to as managed aquifer recharge (MAR), represents a viable adaptation solution for sustainable water resources management while it reduces the impact of water scarcity by increasing seasonal water availability. MAR can improve food security and reduce harvest failure risks as the resilience against extreme weather events such as droughts is increased.

Our approach

The main goal of the SMART-Control project is to reduce the MAR-associated risks through the development and implementation of an innovative web-based, real-time monitoring and control system in combination with risk assessment and management tools.

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Out final project meeting on 25 January 2022

SMART-Control is a project funded through the Water Programming Initiative (WaterJPI) with participation of partners from Germany, France, Cyprus and Brazil. The main goal of the project is to reduce the …